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Autogen Global X 07/01/2014
This free FSX utility allows you to set your autogen descriptions without requiering to re-install your addons. The unique set of definitions ensure compatibility between following products.

Authorization request has been systematically applied to each contributor before integrating any definitions in AGX.

Clic here or click on the image to download the software.
  • French unified Freeware - Autogen available on F-BMPL (Gropied, Vogel, DomSimu, GPF, Filipo)
  • Occitania - from revision 7.0
  • LLH Créations
  • Flugwerk Design - Austria Pro HD
  • 29Palms - MykonosX
  • 29Palms - SkiathosX
  • Flylogic
  • FS Addon
  • Fly Tampa - All FSX products
  • Simulation Data - All FSX products
  • France VFR - All FSX products
  • 3D Automation - All FSX products
  • AutogenFactory - All FSX products
    Your current descriptions are backup in FSX/Autogen/backup_agx_yyyymmdd folder.
    In case you have a central to manage multiple descriptions, ensure you set the FSX default world before installing.

    This software is for free and has no legal or contractual warranty, you use it at your own risk. You can share file's direct download URL, but any redistribution is prohibited.

    For FSX-SP2 use only.

    All gathered desciptions remain the property of their authors.
    AGX Concept & Installation Program copyright (c) 2014 - France VFR (r)
    Thank you for all contributors who accepted to integrate their autogen definitions files !